Soldering Iron is one of the most important tools for electronics engineering students. Besides this, it is widely used to welded any electronics chip, wire into aboard. Soldering Lead is mostly known as “rang” is used to weld chips or wire to the board. If you are a mechanic in a mobile repairing or electronics repair shop then this is the daily use tool that you can’t deny. 

At the early use of this tool, many people don’t exactly know how to use this iron and How to Clean Soldering Iron properly. Without cleaning the head of the iron you will not able to solder properly next time. The basic concept of this iron is to heat up the soldering lead and melt it over the mount of the chip or wire. So that current can easily flow on the IC’s. 

How to Clean Soldering Iron Tip

To use the soldering iron effectively you will need to clean it regularly. Without proper cleaning, oxidation will damage the iron head easily. As long as you clean the tip daily it will be in good condition for daily use. 

You can use Brush or stainless steel to clean the tip of the iron. Brass wool is softer to use and it is less hard to damage your tin. Another useful thing is stainless steel. This one is easy to get and it works effectively on the iron. I usually prefer using stainless steel for this purpose. It actually works quite effectively and you can do the job faster than other ones. 

But remember to wet the iron tips with soldering lead after cleaning it. Or else oxidation will damage your irons head within an hour. And you will not be able to increase the temperature at the time of your work. 

Step: 1 – Material Choose

Before you start soldering clean the surface of the place to be soldered. You can use grease or alcohol to remove the oxidation from the tin.

Clean Solering iron using Metal WoolUsing Metal Wool: Metal wool is my favourite pick for cleaning iron tip. Brass wool is softer so you have to cool it down before cleaning it. But if you are using metal wool then you can clean it while its on high temperature. Besides this, Metal wool effectively clean oxidation,.dirt and other elements which prevent it from doing proper soldering. It will also increase the lifetime of your soldering iron.

Using Sponge wool: If you use wool to clean the tip it will not decrease the temperature of the tip. So you need to be careful while cleaning it. It removes a very small amount of contaminants from the tips. Besides this, If you are using a wool brush then you have to put more pressure then metal brass. Slowly clean all the edges of the iron head and rub it properly.

For heavy polishing need, you can use Weller WPB1 cold tip polishing bar. This will make your iron tip as good as new. But remember one thing, you need to cool it down before using it. If you use a hot tip it might damage your tool. After cleaning it cover the tip with a fresh coating of soldering lead.

How to Clean Soldering IronStep 2 – How to Clean Soldering Iron Tip

For better performance, you need to clean your soldering iron tips every time after the use of this tool. Even after you have finished soldering the IC’s you need to cover the tip with a thin layer of clean soldering coat.

Tinning the tips will avoid oxidation on the head of your soldering tip. It creates a protective layer between the metal and air. Since we all know iron reacts faster with oxygen and makes an oxidation layer which prevents the tip to heat up properly.

Method to Clean the Soldering iron

After your work is done clean the tip properly before storing it. And put a soldering lead layer before putting it away. If possible, store them in a sealed container so that oxidation can be prevented easily.

Easy Cleaning Method

  1. Cool the iron before cleaning it. Turn off the power supply and put it in a cold place for more than 20 minutes
  2. Use a sulfur-free sponge to wipe the damp from the soldering iron. Rub it properly and use a sulfur-free sponge for this task. Do not use a wet sponge.
  3. If your tin has a hard oxidation layer then use stainless steel wool to clean it. Rub it heavily and keep pressure while rubbing it on the wool. Do not use sandpaper to clean the soldering tip. Sandpaper is too much hard to damage the tip.
  4. Apply a fresh soldering layer after cleaning it successfully.

Wrap Up 

Soldering iron is the most wanted tool for metal workers or electronics technicians. I am in love with robotics and electronics stuff. So it’s been my friend since the starting of my engineering life. Still, I face a problem keeping it clean. Then when I start to solder a diode or wire it does not heat up properly. And if your iron doesn’t heat up according to your need you can’t solder it with perfection. So follow the Easy Steps Guide on How to Clean Soldering Iron. On the other hand, That’s different you also need some of the best soldering iron for this task. If you don’t own a good soldering iron it will also affect your work. So stay blessed and happy soldering.