Cutting cable wire is not a tough task just if you do it in a proper way. But it often becomes troublesome for us because we don’t know how to cut cable wire in the right way. And a major problem is most of the people don’t use the correct cutter tools.In this article, we have elaborated about selecting the best cutter tools. Not only this, but you will also find the working process, cutting instructions and using cautions of these tools. So, let’s start.

Best Wire Cutting Tool  Comparison Table

How to Cut Cable Wire

Cutting the cable wire is not a difficult task. If you want to cut cable wires perfectly, you need to collect some effective cutter tools. These tools will help you to cut the cable wire in less effort and time.

Here we have provided some common names of cutter tools along with their working process. You will find them in the tool shops or online shops at your desired price. Let’s check out the list.

Wire Cutter

Wire CutterThe wire cutter is mainly designed for cutting the thin wires. It has a sharp edge which can clip the wire. Wire cutter looks small. It looks like the pliers though it has no plane surface. It has normally made for gripping objects.

Wire cutter is small in size so that this object is easily portable. You can cut the wire very lightly through it. It also contains some characteristics of the pliers. You can also complete some task of pliers using it. It is a standard tool.


HacksawIts feature is almost like the saw. It has a sharp blade with tiny teeth. You can name it a tiny saw. It can cut the metal wires perfectly. The solid metal object can easily be cut by this tool. You can also cut bars and also the thicker wires by it.

Sometimes it seems very difficult to cut the solid cable wires. The hacksaw will help you to get rid of this problem. At the time of cutting wire by the hacksaw, you must do the task steadily.

Tin Snips

Tin SnipsThe characteristics of tin snips are quite similar to the wire cutter. But the main difference is it is larger in size. If you want to cut thin metal sheets you should use this tool. You can also cut wire by it.

Its function is totally like the typical wire cutter. Size doesn’t matter.

Bolt Cutter

This is called the heavy duty version of the wire cutter. Bolts and chain links are quite thick metals. It is difficult to cut them using the normal wire cutter. The bolt cutter is essentially large in size. So it can cut the thick metallic wire very easily.

Bolt CutterIt will help you to save your time and effort. It will help you in reducing the pressure of the hand. You don’t need to put a lot of strength to cut the wire.

Moreover, the bolt cutter can be operated very easily.You can use your both arms. It has greater cutting power than the others. You can also snip off the locks using it. Chains and heavy-duty security wires can easily be cut by this tool. These heavy duty locks are generally used to lock the bicycle. So think how much thick the wire is!

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are of high quality. It has a straight blade which is mainly used for cutting the wires very quickly. These are generally used no for household chores. In the big companies, it is mostly used.

Reciprocating SawIts feature is similar to the hacksaw. The blade of the reciprocating saw is totally similar to the hacksaw. The main difference is it can finish its task very quickly by its high speed.

If you want to finish the large wire cutting jobs quickly you should choose the reciprocating saw. But Before that, you will need to learn how to cut cable wire using Reciprocating Saws.

Buyer’s Guide

Cutting Cable Wire: Detail Process

You don’t need to follow a lot of instructions over how to cut cable wire. At first, you have to collect the cutter tools according to your need. And after that, you have to know which cutter is used for which type of cable.

And finally, you can cut the cable wire following the given steps. There are various kinds of cable wires. So, you may face some difficulties while you are cutting various types of cable wires.

Smaller Diameter

If your target is to cut the smaller diameter hardened wire you can choose the diagonal cutter or the side cutter. The wire which has small diameter is hard enough.These wires cannot be cut by the cutters which are designed for the aluminium or copper wires. The slide cutter or diagonal cutter has sharp jaws which will easily cut the hard wire. And the cutter’s blade will remain safe.

Larger Diameter

But if you want to cut the wire of larger diameter you must purchase the specialized cutters. Knipex cutters are the best solution to this problem. It will be helpful for the crimping applications.


Because of not choosing the heavy-duty tool you may face some difficulties. An inappropriate jaw of the cutter tool will surely damage your cutter tool. So be careful about the jaw.

Avoid sharp bend. This causes the damage of the cable. And always try to make a clean cut. Cut the wire steadily.


Hopefully, the above tips helped you to understand how to cut cable wire. These instructions are standard for cutting any kind of cable wire. Inappropriate methods always kill our time, effort and money. We can give you the surety that these instructions will give you total benefit. So, don’t hesitate to follow the given steps. Purchase the desired tools from the market as instructed and start your task.