You may break your fingernail or can be injured badly in your hand while you are trying to loosen a split key ring. Some split rings are quite hard and tight. That’s why they cannot be opened up easily. But there are some easy and simple steps of opening the split ring. These steps will save your hand and fingernail from the unexpected injury. If you follow the right ways, you don’t have to put excess pressure on the ring. We have mainly written this article to discuss the appropriate ways about how to open split rings or key ring. You can easily open these types of the ring following the steps. So, here we go.

How to Open Split Rings: Necessary Tools

Many of us try to open the split ring or key ring using our fingernail, teeth or kitchen knife. It becomes very frustrating for them because the way which they have chosen is not the right way.

It causes injury and takes a lot of time. So using the correct tools is a smart option. Let’s discuss this.

Staple Remover

It is available in any kind of tool shop. The use of staple remover is very easy. At first sink the staple’s fangs in the middle of the main portion of the key ring and one of the ends.

The end spreads open without any effort that helps to slide the key on the ring. You can load all the keys very quickly and effortlessly using this smart tiny tool.

If you know the proper way of how to open split rings, you will get some benefit. Suppose you want to leave your car’s key ring with your driver or mechanic. Then you can easily remove the keys from the ring.

Using this tool is time saver along with your finger saver. And most importantly you can purchase this tool at a reasonable price.

Needle Nose Pliers

This tool makes the task easiest. You don’t have to do a lot of tasks. Just insert the tips of the needle nose pliers through the ring. Now press the pliers to your benchtop. Lastly, push the eye of the hook into the split ring or key ring.

Until the ring closes continue to slide the hook. Slip the split ring on an open screw eye. And at last pinch, the screw eye shut.

Needle Nose PliersThis split ring plier can open up the ring very swiftly. This is the best option for doing this task. You will find this in any kind of tool shop or online. So purchase it without thinking. But don’t buy the needle nose plier from a tool cheap store. It is not durable and breaks easily.

Basically, there are many kinds of pliers in the tool store. But all the pliers are not the same. The major problem which most of the people face is if they open the split ring too far, the ring won’t get back its previous flat shape.

So choosing a good tool is very important. Stop trying to open the split ring with your teeth and knife. Use tools and do the task in a very short amount of time.

Without Using Pliers

Though the pliers help to open the split ring very easily, it has some problems. In most of the tool store, the plier’s quality is low. The high-quality pliers are quite expensive for the economic class people.

Without Using Pliers


So we have also given a guide for the economic class people on How to Open Split Rings. You can effortlessly open a split ring using a limp knife and a pair of chain nose plier. If you use a sharp knife it will cause a serious injury. So avoid it. You should always open the split ring softly. Otherwise, the ring won’t get back its previous flat shape.

Buyers Guide

Any kind of beading plier would be okay for this. On the other hand, you can use the round shape nose plier. Take a paper clip and a small scissor. Also, take a rubber band or a hair tie.

Things You need to Consider

Staple Remover

Step-by-Step Process

At first, take a hair tie or a rubber band and tie it properly to the end of the nose pliers. It will help the plier to remain clamped. Untied the pliers softly and slip the key ring on the end.

Now take small scissors. We are using the scissors in order to get the sever ring open. You have to do this part with some little tricks and it might take a few times.

After getting the ring it open, slip the paperclip into the opening. It will help you to hold the split ring open.

Now slide whatever you are placing on the uncovered end of the key ring or the split ring.

Be careful about removing the rubber band. Do this task very slowly. If you do the task quickly, the ring might drop.

Wring the ring so that it is the middle path through the charm.

If you aren’t willing to add anything else, wring it entirely and the task will be finished.

Give a finishing touch by twisting the ring closed.


We hope this content helped you to know the facts about how to open split rings. The pliers can help you in doing the task very quickly. On the other hand, if you don’t want to expend money, you can do the task without using the pliers. We have given the instructions for both methods. You just need to follow them properly. Here we discussed the use of needle nose plier, normal plier, staple remover etc. These tools are quite effective.

So, follow the above instructions. Avoid unusual injuries and save your time. Open any kind of stubborn split rings or key ring properly.

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