In auto repair shops, construction sites as well as in mechanical tasks grinding machine is being used for cutting, sharpening the edges. If you are a mechanical student or work in a workshop where cutting is a daily task then you are most familiar with this tool. It is also known as grinding machine or disc grinder. Mostly known as an angle grinder. As you can cut any object in any angle that you want. But you have to change the disc according to what you are going to cut off. Such as stone, metal, aluminum, etc.Depending on the variety of material multiple discs are being used here. 

What Can You Do With An Angle Grinder

Grinding machines are used for cutting any material, smoothing the edges and also finishing the welding layer of metal. When you are choosing these you have to know the size of the disc, rpm of your motor and some other parameters such as power source and grip. Here, safety is another major concern for users. As this can be extremely dangerous for the users. You can cut your whole hand off or cut your nerves if you don’t take necessary precautions before using it. 

Let’s dig deep on learning what is the basic knowledge to use a grinding machine. 

Different Use of An Angle Grinder

Use of grinding machineAn angle grinder is one of the versatile tools among engineers and workshop owners. It makes the cutting task easier and you can carry it anywhere you want. There are many different sizes accordingly; by the power of the motors and tools that you are planning to cut off. One of the most popular used sizes is the 4-inch angle grinder. It is mostly used by the university students on their projects, automobile workshop owners, and polishing shops.

You can cut rubber, fiber, metal, aluminum plate. Not only this, you can polish the edge of the metal, sanding it. Service garage and auto repair shops are mostly of several cutting tasks.  Depending on the needs of this tool it has been divided into many sizes of power. As the risk and minimum safety requirement vary on the task you are doing using any grinding machine. Here are some of the main purpose of using an angle grinder. 

Cleaning: Grinding machines are often used to clean the rust, welding edges and smoothing the plate corners. You can also clean the side of your brush to fit it perfectly. This is a great tool for cleaning the welding waste on your machine.

Cutting rubber: When you are planning to cut rebar you must be thinking of a hacksaw. But cutting it using a grinding machine is much easier than that. As you have to drop the cutoff wheel and control the weight of the rubber. It makes the cutting task much faster and easier as well. 

Use of grinding machineSharpening blades: In sharpening task, no one can beat this machine till now. As you just need to clamp it with a vise. And sharp edges of your blade faster and quick. You can adjust the vise according to your comfort. But keep it in mind to adjust the blade guard as sparks of metal might go on to your eyes. 

Scoring tile: Did you’re heard of a diamond blade? You can score right through the middle of a tile using this tool. Seems quite an easy right. Yes, just tile it in a workbench using a clamp than put the rest of the work on your grinding machine. Putting small pressure you can do the job much faster and quicker. 

Can you use an angle grinding to cut hard metal?

Cutting metal using angle grinderWhat do you think a versatile tool can do for you? When its all about cutting rebar, tile, routing out mortar, cleaning the waste, sanding and sharpening it comes first in every task you gave to it. So cutting means anything which is less power than the blades of this machine. It can cut it easily. SO when cutting metal it comes my favorite tool for its versatile use and demand. 

But remember one thing, when working with metal you have to choose the blade according to its type of work. There are several types of blades depending on the several types of metal. Like SS steel, MS steel, etc

How to remove an angle grinder Disc?

This one is easier than cutting metal. You can do it within a minutes. And you just need to use one tool provided by the manufacturer. There are few ways on removing the disc. First, turn off the power switch and take off the power cord. Always make sure that you have stopped the grinding wheel fully unless you want to cut your finger off. And if it is cordless than remove the battery from the machine. Now press the back button of the grinding wheel head and rotate the head mount using a special wrench provided with the tool. Remove the bolt from the motor shaft and change the disc. And one thing, make sure you have tightened the bolt before using its angle. It can be highly dangerous if it slips from the mount.

How to use an Angle grinder safely?

With great power comes great responsibility. Yes, this a big daddy machine so you need to be very careful while you are using it. Operating an angle grinding is very risky if you are not careful and it can end with serious injuries. Some of the major safety precautions are-

  • Always wear safety glasses while using it. A small piece of metal elements can jump to your eyes accidentally.
  • Try to wear safety gloves 
  • The sharp edge of the blades 
  • Tight the head of the disc mounts every time you use it. 
  • Always press downward and keep a distance from the blade edge. 

Top Angle Grinder brands for welding

If you are going to choose the best machine you will have to dig into the main features of this brand and the quality of the product. For many years Dewalt, Makita, Dremel are making the top products in the power industries. Besides this, Crown, Bosch is also some of the popular names in this industry. Different brands give different options to choose from. Many professional workers prefer some of the leading models which are widely used for this purpose. So the list is –

  • Dremel
  • Makita
  • Bosch
  • Crown
  • Dewalt
  • Jason
  • Hitachi

If you go for the best angle grinder list you will notice that there are more than 15+ models and each and everyone is different from others. Maybe their powers are the same but rpm is high. Or it has a better grip. But at the end of the day, all of this grinder does one major thing. And that is cutting any type of metal for you. To me, Dewalt and Makita process better quality and power for this tool. We will discuss this topic later on another day.

Wrap Up 

Operating an angle grinder is a responsible task. As you need to control the power and speed wisely. Every day many accidents occur for the lack of safety while using it. Unprofessional students or workers must follow all the precautions before using it. Another thing is if you are going to buy an angle grinder read the features carefully. As some of the grinders machines provide more power and torque which can be a problem in some perspective. At the end of the line, Grind safely.